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Golden Eagles Sports

Outdoor Track & field takes place from March to June.  Many athletes from the winter sports join outdoor track to stay in shape.  

Outdoors offers a wide array of events for athletes of various abilities.  Runners can race in events from the 100 meter dash (approx 110 yds) to the two mile run.  There are also relay races where 4 runners run a specific distance and hand off a baton (stick) at the end of their run (leg) to the next athlete.  The 4x400 or 1600 meter relay is an event where each member of the team runs 400 meters for a total of 1600 meters.  Athletes with explosive speed usually flock to the shorter events.  Athletes with a good base and stamina enjoy the mid to long distances.

In addition to the running events, the field events give athletes plenty of opportunities to try new things.  During the outdoor season, the field events contested are the: pole vault, long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put, discus, and jevelin.  Each event requires unique skills and lots of practice to perfect.  Most of these events require explosive speed and strength.  Sprinters are usually the most able to enjoy competing in field events with moderate success. 

The outdoor hurdle events are also contested.  In the 110 meter high hurdles the athletes race and jump over ten 39 inch hurdles.  Another hurdle event in the 400 meter intermediate hurdles (36 inch)  A distance hurdling event is the steeplechase.  The athlete hurdles 4 x 36" wooden barriers and over a water jump over the span of 2000 or 3000 meters.

Each student-athlete should be prepared to practice after school Monday-Thursday from 3:45-6:00 PM.  Friday's are usually team meetings and light workouts.  Student-athletes should be properly prepared for the weather conditions because we will run in all weather except thunder and lightning.  Early outdoor season could be cold so athletes should have sweatshirt, jogging pants, t-shirt, shorts, gloves and a hat readily available.  Most of the team members also wear compression or spandex shorts/pants as an undergarment to keep in the warmth. 

In the event a practice is cancelled, an announcement will be made.

The Nature of the Sport
Outdoor Track & field is an enjoyable season offering a "true" team atmosphere.  Successful teams are able to "cover the board" with quality athletes in all of the disciplines contested.  This includes the sprints, distances, jumps, throws and hurdles.  Points are awarded based on the final places in each event.  Most sprint races and field events have trials and finals.  The early portion of the season is full of invitational and developmental meets.  Most championship meets award points for finishing in the top 5 on a 6-4-3-2-1 basis.  Ex.  1st place = 6 pts, etc...The S.I. Champs used a 10-8-6-4-2-1 point system while scoring the top 6.  Regardless of the system used, team depth becomes more important than the top performers. 

The "meets" usually take place on Saturdays and occasionally during the week or on Sunday.  Meets are held throughout the northeast.  The PSAL championship meets have been held at Icahn Stadium on Randall's Island in NYC.  The outdoor tracks are 400 meters long.  Outdoors gives the team a better opportunity to travel as there is no need to base competitions for racing on a banked track like indoors.   

The challenging aspect of the outdoor season is that the competitive season is so short.  Some years, only 6 weeks long.  In addition, the uncerainty of weather can play havoc on the competitions.

MetroCards are provided for all travel meets. 

Note:  No matter how many times your child says they doesn't want to see you at a meet, they would be happy if you came

One of the more prestigious meets is the "Penn Relays" held at UPENN on the last weekend in April.  Most teams send 4x100 and 4x400 relays to compete in the "oldest relay meet in the world."  A much more select process occurs for teams that wish to run 4x800 or distance medley relays.  Of all of the thousands of track programs nationally and internationally, only 70 4x800 teams are invited to race at Penn.  Teams from Jamaica have also fared quite well at Penn.

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